Where Sustainability Meets Practicality.

Green Volt Solutions has been in the energy business since 2008. Established in the community of Lowville New York we serve customers in the surrounding area and beyond. We focus on keeping business local when it makes sense and supporting local communities.

We offer solar, wind, LED and other energy services including energy audits. We do roof mounts, ground mounts, sun trackers, off grid, and grid tied systems for commercial as well as residential.

We have 15 plus years electrical experience. We have experience in residential, commercial, Industrial, and automotive electrical. We can design and implement any system. Our motto has always been “Where Sustainability Meets Practicality.” While alternative can be expensive, we offer practical solutions. State and Federal tax credits are also available to help offset cost. We want to educate the customer and help make their solar dreams and ideas come true.

Join the community and help make the world a cleaner place for future generations.

Installing a wind tower
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